Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Mission Week is Passing Quickly

The two mission teams on the NVM compound are having a great week and it is passing quickly. Here is a brief update on their activities over the past two days.

The teams have accomplished much work on the compound to get us ready for the 2014 mission team year. They did organizing in the warehouse and put up shelving units. They sorted clothing so that distribution will be much easier. They put up two tents outside of the church. The 5th anniversary of the church is this Sunday and the tents are for the overflow crowd. The ladies helped Cheryl with a special afternoon with a group of Haitian ladies from the church and with the basket making class in Onaville. They also helped make new drapes for the church to make it look great for the anniversary Sunday and a variety of other projects on the compound.  Here are some of the sights of their work. They have worked hard with a tremendous attitude. Thanks for your help!

Helping with the special ladies event at church
Helping the ladies make aprons at the event
The ladies had a great time!
They took the apron making seriously
The ladies love to play musical chairs
Michelle gave her personal testimony at the event
Each lady received a skirt when they left the event
Showing off her newly made apron
The students putting up the overflow tent near the church
Pounding stakes into the hard ground
The ladies helped Cheryl at the basket making class in Onaville
Everyone received a free skirt
The ladies sang a couple of songs before we left
Standing on the side of a hill in Onaville, the largest distribution camp in Haiti
And the men were hard at work on the compound doing a variety of projects
The teams purchased and made the new drapes for the church
And there is always time for fun and games - Corn Hole was a big hit
We have a day off tomorrow and the the teams head for home on Saturday morning. Both these teams have been wonderful and so much work has been done. We want to thank them so much for their hard work and wonderful attitudes. May the Lord richly bless you all. And we hope to see you all again soon.

We also want to say thank those of you at home who have been praying. Your prayers make all the difference in what we do in Haiti. Thank you and we will keep you posted on future teams and projects.

Serving on your behalf in Haiti,
Jim & Cheryl Warner

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