Monday, April 30, 2012

The Onaville Church Plant

A few months back NVM planted a church in Onaville. You may remember from previous posts that Onaville is the largest displacement camp in Haiti following the earthquake. Well, we have good news to report.

The church in Onaville is flourishing. They have up to 500 in attendance, there is a strong youth group emerging and 40 men are meeting every other Sunday for Bible study. These men are learning about how to become stronger leaders in their homes and in the church. This is a huge step as strong male leadership is a key for healthy families and church growth.


There is another exiting thing happening. 50 couples that have joined the church since it started a short time ago are not married. Through solid Bible teaching, they have come to realize that they need to be married. In July a mass wedding is being planned for all 50 couples to be married at the same time! We will certainly post a report after this event.

Please be praying for the Onaville church. It is indeed a bright light in a dark place.

Jim, Cheryl and the Girls

Friday, April 6, 2012

Video of 2nd March GAiN Team

Our second GAiN team during March 2012 has gone home. But they accomplished much and have left their mark behind in Haiti. Here is a short video that we put together that summarizes their efforts. Enjoy.

Jim, Cheryl and the Girls

Haiti GAiN Mission Trip–March 24-31, 2012