Thursday, September 29, 2011

12 Teen Girls Commit To Purity During Sewing Class

DSC01278Adam, NVM Staff, shares about purity in his life and his commitment to live a pure life for Jesus.  Each teen girl was then presented a silver purity ring on a ribbon.  All 12 girls signed a commitment for purity.  Cheryl, GAiN/NVM Staff, shared how God forgives and allows us to start new.


The girls then started making their first purse bag – learning to hold & cut with scissors, following a pattern & having patience with a needle.   Each girl learned how to sew using a back stitch, which will be used in making any clothing in the future. What a blessing to have these girls learning a skill at a young age.

DSC01283  DSC01282

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Kids Give A Helping Hand At The NVM Compound


Even the kids around the NVM Compound enjoy giving a helping hand.


Market Day’s in Haiti


The street markets here are very busy – people selling everything and anything. This is their source of income to provide for their families. 





Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hard at work during the Beading Class


So many of these dear women come each week hopeful that their bead work is going to help with their family income.  For most of these women, this is their only income and when they don’t get paid, they go hungry.  So to bring additional help, NVM, through the donations from Global Aid Network, is giving out rice and beans.  This week each lady received 6 bags of rice and 6 bags of beans. 

NVM Youth Sewing Class Starts



Teaching both a skill and learning about choosing Purity, gives hope to these young girls.  NVM staff, Pastor Aaron & his wife Shellie, share about how God wants young people to be pure.  GAiN/NVM Staff, Cheryl Warner is teaching about who these young girls are in Christ and the instructor for the NVM Sewing Class.  What a joy to be given the opportunity to build Godly character into these young girls.

Monday, September 12, 2011

JOY for much needed food in Haiti


As you can see by the faces of these mothers, food is a JOY to receive.  Pastor Pierre is giving out food to those who most desperately need it, the mothers, babies and young children in Chambrun.  Most of these women and children will live in mud huts for the rest of their lives.  Most of these women have little means for supporting their family.  NVM with the help of GAiN and many others is providing food to these families.  Pauline is a mother of 4.  Her husband does not support her and he frequently leaves home for long periods of time.  She is currently in Cheryl’s Beading Class at the NVM Compound.  She is learning a skill that will help her to have a better future for her children.  She hopes and prays that her beads will sell. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Jesus Film Distributes Baby Food

Yesterday I was asked to go along with the Jesus Film team to distribute baby food at the Lycee displacement camp in Croix-des-Bouquets. This is a community 20 minutes from the NVM compound and on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince. There are a number of displacement camps in the area where people live in tents who lost their home in the earthquake.  They are very poor and in need. And among the most severely effected are the babies.  They are not getting the nutrition they need to grow well. Good baby food is a real blessing in these camps. And besides the gift of food the people received the good news that Jesus loves them and cares for them personnally.

Be praying for the Jesus Film team as they continue their work in the area.  They show the film and share the gospel to around 12,000 people each month.

IMG_8022IMG_8069 IMG_8003IMG_8068  IMG_8028 IMG_8064

Friday, September 2, 2011

Container from GAiN Germany has Arrived

GAiN Germany is one of the great partners with NVM. They have done so much in making the warehouse on the NVM compound a reality. Just yesterday a 40-foot container arrived. The bulk of the container contains baby food. There are so many babies in the nearby communities and displacement camps that need good food. We are grateful to them for the shipment.

The container is sealed and must remain that way until a customs agent is available to come out and confirm the contents as it is unloaded. We even need to go pick the agent up! Please be praying that an agent will be available soon. The babies are waiting!