Monday, September 24, 2012

LCBC Mission Team Finishes Strong!

We want to say thank you to the mission team that was with us last week from LCBC. We had a great week and they were terrific.

Here is how they finished their ministry time with us at NVM. Here you see them conducting their final vision clinic. On this day we conducted the clinic on the NVM compound for people living in the nearby community of Chambrun. We saw 54 people and 1 prayed to receive Christ into their life. It was a great day. The final picture is the team with the interpreters. Without them, it wound not happen!


After the clinic they did a final work project. They painting on the new hospital that is under construction. Every little bit of work gets us closer to opening this facility.


At the end of the week we took the team to a lookout up the mountain. It is a beautiful view but it also is a time of prayer for the people of Haiti.


So LCBC, thank you. Thanks for investing your time and talents to expand God’s kingdom in Haiti. We look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Jim & Cheryl

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Haiti GAiN Team is Half Way Through Their Week

Time is passing quickly on the NVM compound for the GAiN team. Today was a great day and much was accomplished.

The team continued painting in the school The rooms look great and the kids are going to be so excited when they return to class on October 1.

Details! Details!


Yesterday NVM received our ambulance. Yes, our new hospital is going to have a genuine ambulance. And when it arrived we discovered it was full of supplies. So today the team spent time sorting and stowing away the aid that was received.

Can’t you hear the siren?




Where does this go?


Too much!!


In the afternoon the team walked back to Chambrun and ministered to the children. They played games, did magic tricks, told stories and did crafts with the children. It was a great time and the kids were loved on and blessed.




The Gospel







Tomorrow we conduct our second vision clinic for folks in Chambrun. More about that next time.

Again, thank you for your prayers. They make all the difference.

Jim & Cheryl

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

LCBC Mission Team Has Arrived at NVM

The mission team from LCBC in Lancaster, PA has arrived. And they have had a great first two days.

They arrived on Saturday and got settled in on the compound. On Sunday they attended church on the NVM compound which proved to be a great experience.


On Sunday afternoon they visited the nearby community of Chambrun and had a great time playing with the kids at the NVM children’s home.


On Monday we took the team to Onaville. This is the largest displacement camp in Haiti. Nearly 230,000 people are living there, most in tents. We conducted a vision clinic. We saw 101 people in the clinic. Many received new glasses improving their physical sight and 22 received Christ for the first time giving them new spiritual sight. The team did a great job and all received a huge blessing.



Thank you for your prayers. God used this team to change peoples lives. And it is only because of your prayers and support that it was able to happen. The team will be working on the compound on Tuesday and Wednesday. And also on Wednesday they will be returning to Chambrun to minister to the children. Then a second clinic will be held on Thursday. We will keep you posted.

Jim & Cheryl

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Kids in the Corner

One of the saddest things to watch is kids who are not loved or cared for by loving parents. The sad truth in most third world countries is that a large number of children fall into that terrible crack. They are kids in the corner.

We serve at Nehemiah Vision Ministries in Haiti. Watch this video to see how NVM is responding to this chronic problem. They will be caring for 70 kids in the corner. Watch our short video to see what NVM is doing.

Serving in Haiti on your behalf,
Jim & Cheryl

Monday, September 10, 2012

Springs of Living Water

The Bible tells us that in Christ we can drink from the springs of living water. And that is the main message taught at the new church plant in Onaville. But now, they are also offering springs of actual water!

As we have reported, Onaville is the largest displacement camp in Haiti. 230,000 people are living in tents and tin shacks. One of the most important needs of any poor community is fresh clean water. Just recently NVM sponsored the drilling of a water well on the church property.


And NVM has also installed a water purification system next to the well. The church is offering this fresh and clean water to the residence of Onaville for a very low cost. Water is stored in large containers before it is purified. Charging a nominal fee for the water is important. People develop a sense of ownership and self respect when they are paying their own way.


A building is also being constructed next to the well that will permanently house the purification system and will serve as an office and storage for the church.

This process provides the church a tremendous platform for sharing the story of living water. It opens the doors for the church to share the message of Jesus Christ with their neighbors. Please be praying for this effort and that many people will come to know Christ because of receiving clean water for their family.

Jim & Cheryl

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Haiti’s “Men of Metal”

There is a lot of negative press about what is happening in Haiti. But in the midst of it all, there are wonderful things happening! Check out this very short video on Haiti’s “Men of Metal.” I am so impressed with their drive, persistence and creativity. It is a honor for us to help them out.

Serving in Haiti on your behalf,

Jim & Cheryl

Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Warners are back in Haiti

After a great month in Dallas we have returned to the NVM compound in Haiti. Our time in Dallas was spent visiting family and friends and raising financial support for the upcoming year in Haiti. Jim also took a quick side trip to be with his Dad on his 90th birthday. We want to thank those of you who were praying for our time. It was a great success.


Here is the mandatory photo taken out of the window of our airplane!!


One of the things we missed (Jim more than Cheryl) were the Haitian rice and beans. There are recipes you can try, but no one makes it like the Haitian ladies!!


The sunsets are beautiful and the evening air is cool (at least not hot).


We spent a great deal of wonderful time with family. Here is our daughter Shay, her husband Chris and our beautiful granddaughter Vivienne.


We also had the chance to spend time with our daughter Shallie and her boyfriend Abijah. She is a nurse and has recently started started working in an emergency room so she was quite busy.

Thanks again for your prayers. God brought in the funds needed and we had a great visit. We will continue to keep you posted on the events here in Haiti.


Jim & Cheryl