Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Haiti Ministry Continues

Greetings to you all. We are sorry for not blogging recently.  As we have shared in our last newsletter we are in a time of exciting transition. We have spent 12 years on the staff of CRU. And for the last 3 years we have lived in Haiti. We are now back in Dallas and transitioning to a new organization, but we are still helping and working in Haiti!

Global Training Network is an organization dedicated to training pastors and their wives overseas. In our new roles I will be following my passion of training pastors in Haiti and all over the world and Cheryl will be able to continuing her ministry with the Haitian ladies. We will be sharing more about our new work in the weeks to come.

Here is an update on Cheryl's work in Haiti.  In May we made our first return trip to Haiti. It was great to see everyone! And it was a great encouragement to Cheryl that her work is continuing and is in full swing.  Even the guards at the NVM gate we excited to see us.

Reunited with a great friend
As you may remember, during our 3 years in Haiti Cheryl started and led a ministry to Haitian ladies teaching them craft skills so they can earn an income. She also greatly expanded and ran the Project Hope Gift Shop on the compound of NVM. Just before we left, Tina and Brian Bergen arrived at NVM. While Brian's job is to lead project teams and run the agriculture project, Tina focuses her attention at taking over Cheryl's ministry with the ladies and gift shop. And she has done an amazing job!

Cheryl's workshop is in full swing
The ladies continue to make baskets in Onaville
The gift shop looks great and is doing a thriving business. Cheryl is so pleased to see that all of the classes with the ladies are continuing and that the gift shop is thriving. And during our visit, Cheryl introduced a new craft. To date, most of the craft business centered around hand rolled cardboard beaded jewelry and woven baskets. The new craft is making jewelry out of clay beads that are crafted and baked.  The results are stunning and the ladies now have a new option for making a living.  Watch for them in the gift shop next time you are in Haiti - or email Cheryl and she will send you one - they are only $5.00

Learning the new skill of making clay beads
Please pray for this ongoing ministry. We will continue to make return trips to Haiti every 4 months. Cheryl will be bringing in raw materials and returning with finished product. She will also be working to expand the sale of these items in the United States. It is having a tremendous impact on so many families in Haiti. And thank you for your prayers and support. You all are a huge encouragement to us both.

Serving on your behalf,
Jim & Cheryl