Saturday, January 19, 2013

GAiN Mission Team in Haiti Finishes Strong!

God brought us a fantastic group this past week. They just drove off and they have left a wake of blessings behind them. Over 200 people had their vision checked and 35 prayed to receive Jesus into their lives. Great work was done on the compound and the new maintenance garage has a beautiful driveway. And fantastic ministry was done with the Haitian ladies.

Here are Cheryl's thoughts. "Working with the Haitian ladies is such a joy and blessing for me.  These women have such a hard life.  Some walk for miles for water. Most have no husbands, little support and little income or a way to earn an income. They depend on hand-outs from others. Most have multiple children as this has been taught from their mothers….’go find a man to take care of you’…. so they believe this is all they have in life.  Teaching them a skill and showing God’s love to them is a blessing.  Bringing in a team that can help teach, give blessings and show them a bit of fun is a great way to bring joy into their lives."

Here are the sights from the final day of ministry.

Ladies in Onaville learning to make baskets
Cute kids are everywhere
Cheryl speaking to the ladies
Katie helping lady to wrap rope
The class in full swing
Mackenzie was great with the kids
Carefully wrapping rope to make baskets
Grace loves kids
Ladies hard at work making beautiful baskets
Cutting cloth for wrapping rope
No words required
One of the walls in the maintenance garage office
Continuing work on the maintenance garage driveway
The guys got tired of shoveling rocks!!!! They worked hard.
The woman's event in Onaville was a big hit! 
Cheryl addressing the ladies in Onaville 
Barb greets the ladies in Onaville
Diane shares her testimony to the ladies in Onaville
Katie helping two ladies at once!
Musical chairs was a huge hit 
And believe it or not, a foot race was the biggest hit of all
Modeling the head band she made at the woman's event
We want to thank this great team for their great work
We love to see God work through teams. We see lives changed - lives of people they reach out to and lives of people on the team. We pray that the effect of this team will continue on in the weeks and months to come.

And thank you so much for your interest and prayers. It is only because of your prayers that things with eternal value occur. We will keep you posted on future ministry activities at NVM.

Serving on your behalf in Haiti,
Jim & Cheryl

Thursday, January 17, 2013

GAiN Team in Haiti going Strong Midweek

On Wednesday, the GAiN mission team in Haiti changed gears. After two days of conducting vision clinics the team changed their focus. One group was involved in laying cement and doing carpentry work. The other team helped Cheryl with a ladies ministry.

NVM does a lot of work on vehicles. So over the last few months we have been constructing an extension of the warehouse to do maintenance on our many vehicles. On Wednesday a portion of the GAiN team worked alongside a Haitian construction team to lay the cement driveway for the garage. There is also an office and storage area inside the garage. A few of the team members put up a couple of walls and one door. In the hot Haitian sun and rainy days, this garage will be a real blessing.

A number of the ladies on the team helped Cheryl with a ladies ministry. About 30 women from the church who live in Chambrun were invited to an event. The purpose of the event - to have a good time! These ladies live difficult lives and it is a blessing for them to spend an afternoon relaxing, playing games and doing a craft. It was a big hit!

Here are the sights from the day.

Prepping for the cement
Mixing the cement 
Pastor Pierre inspecting a job well done
A few women proved they can shovel with the best 
Putting up the walls in the office 

The office bathroom!
Cheryl addressing the ladies
The craft 
Hands at work making a head band
There were many door prizes - a big hit! 
Barb and her daughter Grace greeted the ladies
A singing competition
Working on the craft
We are having a wonderful week with the GAiN team. They are a great group! Please pray for the remainder of the week. Thursday looks like Wednesday. More work on the maintenance garage and conducting two ladies events in Onaville. We will report back with details and photos!

Serving on your behalf in Haiti,
Jim & Cheryl Warner

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

GAiN Mission Team Finishes 2nd Vision Clinic

Today the GAiN mission team completed it's second vision clinic. The clinic was conducted on the NVM compound under a tent just outside the church. When the clinic started there were only 3 people waiting. But by noon we had seen 76 people and 5 of them prayed to receive Jesus into their lives. It was a great morning. After lunch our two US staff nurses, Brooke and Aubree, took the team to Chambrun. We played with kids and had a wonderful visit. It was also good for the team to see the living conditions of the people we minister to and with at NVM.  Here are the sights from the clinic.

The Lord blessed the two vision clinics we conducted. We saw nearly 200 people and 35 of them prayed to received Christ into their lives. Pray that these dear folks are followed up and get involved in a local church.

Tomorrow we turn our efforts to service projects on the NVM compound. We will report in on what happens.

Thanks again for your prayers.

Serving on your behalf in Haiti,
Jim & Cheryl Warner

Sunday, January 13, 2013

4th Anniversary of the NVM Church!!

Today was a special day at Nehemiah Vision Ministries. Four years ago the church was planted.  And currently there are 500 attending every week.

Church anniversaries are a big deal in Haiti. Neighboring churches send delegations to help celebrate and a meal is served. It is a lot of fun. And today did not disappoint.
The GAiN mission team is also here and is ready to minister.

Extra tents were set up for the overflow crowd
The GAiN team was introduced and sang a song
The worship was magnificent
The overflow crowd in the tents
Pastor Pierre preached on drawing closer to God
Pastor Pierre's parents attend the celebration
Faces in the crowd
Tomorrow the GAiN team heads out to a nearby community to conduct a vision clinic. Check back tomorrow for the details and photos. And as always, thanks for your prayers.

Serving in Haiti on your behalf,
Jim & Cheryl Warner