Friday, October 25, 2013

Good things are happening in Onaville

Over the past two years we have reported about Cheryl teaching Haitian ladies craft skills to help them earn a living. Well, the work goes on. Cheryl is currently working with a new class of 21 ladies. And Cheryl says, "This new group of ladies is producing amazing baskets. They have never been better!"

These baskets are sold to mission team members that come to NVM in Haiti and many are taken back to the US to be sold in churches and gift shops. This income makes the difference between feeding their children and going to bed hungry.

And these ladies are being fed spiritually as well. Many of them attend Onaville Worship Chapel. Take a minute to look at the photos below of the class held just yesterday. We have also included a few photos of the Onaville church (big tent) and the church grounds. A security wall is being build, a water purification system is providing clean water, there is room for kids to play in a safe environment and a building is being constructed for church offices, storage and a permanent home for the water purification system.

God is moving in Onaville and it is our privilege to play a part in what God is doing.

Serving on your behalf in Haiti,

Jim & Cheryl Warner

Monday, October 14, 2013

New Basket Class has Begun!

As you know by now, Cheryl has been working with Haitian ladies in Chambeun and Onaville teaching them craft skills to make a living. Well, a new class has begun. This is a class of 7 and their journey is well under way.

Also, this class is being conducted in Chery's new craft workshop. It is a joy to see these ladies learning this new skill and to see their hope on the rise. Please be praying for these ladies as they continue on in their training

I have also included a couple of photos of what the finished product will look like.

Serving on your behalf in Haiti,

Jim & Cheryl Warner

Friday, October 11, 2013

Things that cost $100 in Haiti

All we can say is that $100 doesn't go as far as in used to go. Here is what you can purchase for $100 in Haiti. The item in each photo costs $100!

2 turkeys!

A punch bowl set!

2 boxes of crab legs!

1 bag of shrimp!

A bag of dog food!

2 boxes of hamburgers!

Our team on the grocery store elevator -- PRICELESS!

PS - we did't buy any of these things!!!

Serving on your behalf in Haiti,

Jim & Cheryl Warner

Saturday, October 5, 2013

The NVM Project Hope Giftshop

Nehemiah Vision Ministries – Haiti

The items seen below help to provide an income to over 60 Haitian ladies near NVM and other Haitians in the area.

The baskets are hand woven fabric wrapped over rope and sewn together with a lot of care.  These colorful works of art can be used in a variety of ways.

The jewelry is made of hand-rolled cardboard from cereal boxes used here in Haiti.  Each bead is then rolled with glue, varnished and strung on fishing line.

The sewn items are made by the seamstress at NVM, where she earns an income to feed her family.

The metal is hand snipped and hand-pounded by the ‘men of metal’ here in Haiti.  Each piece is shaped and made into a work of art. All other items seen below are also made in Haiti by Haitians!


Anything purchased here in the NVM Project Hope Gift Shop helps the people here in Haiti.  And we are interested in a expanding our distribution. If you are interested in possibly selling the items in your church or gift shop please contact me at the email below. I will be happy to answer all your questions.


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