Tuesday, August 30, 2011

There is a Mercy Ships Medical Mission Team in action in Haiti

Staying at NVM this week is a medical mission team led by Gary and Sylvia Thacker from Mercy Ships. This is a mighty team of 12 from California, Massachusetts, Georgia, Connecticut and Texas. They are going to an IDP camp near Port-au-Prince to conduct a medical clinic. Their mission is to bring hope and healing to the forgotten poor.

On day one of the clinic they saw 153 patients and on day two, 143. They have three days to go. They are seeing mostly normal medical problems including vitamin deficiency, pregnancies, abscesses and malaria.

This team is indeed ministering to those in need. Please be praying for them over the next three days as they continue their mission in Haiti. They are the hands and feet of Jesus reaching out to those in need for us all.

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Friday, August 19, 2011

A New Hospital in Haiti

One of the exciting new projects on the NVM compound is the construction of a new hospital. Don Bradley is donating his architectural skills and many mission teams are coming to work alongside Amos and other Haitian workers to bring the hospital to reality. The first photo shows the metal roof being put on which is happening this week.

The new hospital will provide the best medical care in this direction from Port-au-Prince.  Here is what this facility will offer. It will include two surgical suites, exam rooms, a lab, in-patient beds, a pharmacy, a vision clinic and a dental clinic. Mercy Ships is partnering with NVM to provide much of the equipment and furniture to outfit the hospital and will be providing some staff to make it operational. But to build and operate the hospital on an ongoing basis will require partnerships with many churches and other mission groups outside of Haiti.  This medical facility will be a huge blessing to thousands of people in the months and years to come.

The date the hospital will open has not been determined. It depends of funding and the number of work teams that come to help construct the building.  Please be in prayer for this effort that it will move along in God’s timing.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Medical and Spiritual Touch

This past week two teams from Indiana came together at NVM to reach out and touch people physically and spiritually. The teams were from Genesis Church in Noblesville, IN and Crossroads Community Church in Shelbyville, IN. They are wonderful folks with a real heart for the people of Haiti. They set up medical clinics in two IDP camps and one neighboring community. During their week here they helped nearly 300 people in those communities and shared Christ with every patient.

image 8Image 10 image 1 image 2 image 6  image 5  image 7

And some of the team members rolled up their sleeves and helped on the compound. One of the urgent projects they helped with was the pouring of the foundation of the new office building on the compound. They were a great help.

IMG_7804 IMG_7785 IMG_7796 IMG_7803

We want to say a big thank you to the members of both of these teams. And may God bless you all as you continue your lives and ministries in Indiana.

Jim, Cheryl and the Girls

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

We are in a safe place from the tropical storm

Hi everyone.  No photos this time. We just want each of you to know that the Warner clan is in a safe place as the tropical storm comes over Haiti.  The internet often goes down during storms so you may not hear from us until after it passes by.  But having moved out of our tent home into a more permanent structure yesterday is today a huge blessing.

Thanks for your continued prayers. And please pray for the huge number of Haitians who are living in small tents.  The storm will be very difficult for them.

We love you all.  Jim, Cheryl and the Girls!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Warner’s New NVM Diggs

For the first two months of our stay in Haiti we were living in two tents on the NVM compound. They were nice tents and we were grateful.


IMG_20110601_112134 IMG_20110601_112103


Yesterday, Pastor Pierre informed us that he was moving us into more permanent quarters! He put us (Cheryl and Jim) into a three-room apartment in the new team living facility. Here you see Jim in the sitting room, Cheryl is in the bedroom and there is a shot of our “very own” bathroom.


And the girls have a very nice area in the corner of the women’s dorm. Cheryl helped arrange it to feel like home. And they are within 30 feet of the new women’s bathroom and shower building.


We are very grateful for this change. We were content in the tent but being in a more permanent and enclosed living area is a real blessing. No critters will be passing through in the middle of the night!

We once again want to thank each of you for your interest in our ministry and for your prayers. You mean so much to us all.

Jim, Cheryl and the Girls