Friday, February 21, 2014

Progress at NVM!!

For some time we have been considering the possibility of building homes for people in need in the nearby community of Chambrun. As we have reported before this is a very poor community of 4000 located just 1/2 mile from NVM. Recently the decision was made to start these projects. The homes are being provided to those with the greatest need. Here are some photos of the first home being constructed.
Mixing the cement 
Laying the blocks
The walls are finished
The home will be completed soon. All the is left is to put on the roof! We are so grateful for the team from Dallas who funded and came to help construct this home.

We have also been dreaming for some time about growing crops on our compound. After a few test plots NVM has expanded the faming effort. There is a large demand for watermelons in Haiti. So that is what is growing in our field. Here is a shot of the field where the planting was just completed.
Our watermelon patch
Brian Bergen is managing this process. He also has planted a 1/2-acre garden behind the staff apartments where vegetables will be grown. More photos will be forthcoming as the crops develop.

We are so grateful for the progress being made. God is good and we are moving forward in faith based on his faithfulness.

With news from Haiti,
Jim & Cheryl Warner

Monday, February 17, 2014

A New Church Building in Onaville

Onaville is the largest displacement camp in Haiti. And just over two years ago, NVM planted a church in this community. The congregation quickly grew to over 500 and the church has been thriving ever since. Through the generosity of donors in the US a new church building was funded and now has been built. And just a week ago the doors were opened. What a joyful time for this new body of believers. A team of 30 construction professionals came down to Haiti and built the church in one week. Thanks to all of you. Here is the fruit of their labor.

The new building!
The church interior during construction
Inside the church, fans included!!
We are thankful for this team of construction professionals
It is so good to see progress in Haiti. And we are especially grateful to the Lord for his blessing in expanding his kingdom in this country. We will keep you posted on the growth of the Onaville church in the months to come.

Jim & Cheryl Warner