Thursday, March 21, 2013

The GAiN Mission Team's Final Day of Ministry

We have had a great week of ministry. And the team finished strong today. The men finished up their project building tables and chairs for Cheryl's ministry with Haitian women. And the women went to Onaville for the day. Onaville is the largest displacement camp in Haiti which is home to 230,000 people. They worked with the basket making class, the bead rolling class and then conducted a spa day for 32 of the ladies in the community. It was a wonderful day. Pastor Pierre has said that he has never seen anyone ministry to these Haitian ladies as this team has done. What a wonderful thing they did. Here are the sights.

First the men

Working away on benches
Sawing the bench legs
Tom measuring before the cut
Charlie and Andrew putting together the pieces
Harlan was the team lead
The entire team at work

Now for the ladies

Wrapping rope to make a basket
Julia, the pastor's wife in Onaville
Wrapping the rope into baskets
Sewing the rope together into a basket
Cutting cardboard to roll into a bead to make jewelry
Applying glue to the cardboard strips to roll beads
More bead making to eventually become jewelry
Washing feet at the beginning of the spa
Receiving personal attention
A good foot massage does wonders
Soaking the cuticles
Lynda practicing her jug carrying technique
Sandy giving a back rub
This has been a great week of ministry. What a wonderful team they are. We are taking a day off tomorrow to relax, reflect and ready for the return home on Saturday. We thank them all for following the Lord's lead to be with us in Haiti this week.

Serving on your behalf in Haiti,
Jim & Cheryl Warner

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spa Day at NVM (and a report on the men's work, too!)

Hello everyone! We have just finished our Wednesday in Haiti and what a great day it was. The ladies did something very unusual. In fact, something that has never been done before. They conducted a spa day for 45 Haitian ladies from Chambrun. They gave them the full treatment. They gave back rubs, facials, cleaned feed and hands, did makeup and applied polish. It was great. And Jennifer and Tolu also spoke God's word into their lives. It was a wonderful afternoon. Here are the sights.

A good feet soaking
Back rubs all around
Barb giving a neck massage
Soaking the cuticles
Two things going on at once
Tolu washing feet
Lynda giving a facial
Working on the fingers
Working on the feet
Applying polish
More polish
Applying makeup
Jennifer and Tolu giving devotions through an interpreter
Cheryl receives hugs of thanks
A hug of joy
Tolu is always smiling
Sally has made a new friend

And now the men

And yes, the men were busy too. They were doing the Lord's work today just like Jesus did when he was growing up. They were using their carpentry skills to build Cheryl tables and benches. These pieces of furniture will be used for the women's ministry in the weeks and months to come. Harlan, Charlie, Andrew and Tom are doing a fantastic job!

Charlie driving some nails
The men taking a well-deserved break
Andrew built a toy truck for one of his new friends
The frames
Squaring up the legs
The product of their labors today
So there you have it. The GAiN mission team's Wednesday in Haiti. We are so grateful for each person the Lord has brought to us this week. They are doing a great job with a great spirit. Please be praying for our Thursday. The ladies travel to Onaville to minister to the women there. Onaville is the largest displacement camp in Haiti. And the men continue building benches. We will report in tomorrow evening.

Serving on your behalf in Haiti,
Jim & Cheryl Warner

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Our Second VIsion Clinic in Haiti

We have had a great Tuesday. But the week is passing quickly. For the entire morning the team conducted our second vision clinic on the NVM compound. Most of the folks coming were from Chambrun. This is the community of 5000 just 1/2 mile down the road where most live in mud and stick homes. We served 69 people from Chambrun today and 5 of them excepted Christ into their lives for the first time. It was thrilling to see people receive better physical sight and to have their spiritual eyes opened, as well!

In the afternoon the ladies helped Cheryl with a beading class with 10 Haitian ladies. And the men started their work project. They are building tables and benches for Cheryl to conduct classes for the Haitian ladies.

It was a wonderful day and we are thankful for your prayers. We felt the Lord's presence all day long. Tomorrow the men continue their work projects and the ladies will be ministering to Haitian ladies. More reports are coming along with the photos.

Joyce checks distance vision
Emily helps a lady with close up vision
Tolu is registering a guest and sharing the gospel
Sandy is doing a great job pointing.
Sally listens to a lady tell her story
Showing off their new glasses
They waited patiently all morning long
Tom constructing a pair of distance glasses
Harlan, as well
Cheryl testing a strong lens to see if it is correct
Andrew screwing in a lens
Mary completing a registration
Jennifer using the focometer to determine the lens strength
The joy of better sight! 
They like to leave on the tags, at least for a while
More tomorrow! Check back to see us.

Serving on your behalf in Haiti,
Jim & Cheryl Warner