Monday, July 23, 2012

Update from Haiti

Greetings to you all. We have had a busy week on the NVM compound here in Haiti and we want to bring you up to date.

English Camp
For 3 weeks in July we conducted an English camp for 70 Haitian young people. The interns, led by Chris Bosma, did a wonderful job. The kids were not only learning English but also more about the Lord during the camp. Here are some shots of the graduation ceremony.


Pastor’s Conference
This past Saturday I conducted our monthly pastor’s conference. Each month we have approximately 65 pastors join us for a morning of worship, fellowship and learning from God’s word. We also serve them a hot breakfast at each session. This month we looked at lessons from the life of Jonah. We had a great time.


A Mass Wedding
Yesterday on Sunday afternoon, we were privileged to experience a very unusual event at the Onaville church. 40 couples were married at the same ceremony. It was spectacular. And 1500 of their family and friends showed up to help them celebrate. I had the great honor of giving the talk to the brides and grooms. The event went on for 3 hours but we would not have missed it for anything. Here are some of the sights.


Off to Dallas
We will be in Dallas for the month of August visiting with family and friends and raising some additional financial support for our ministry in Haiti. Thank you for your prayers and we will keep you posted.  We would also like to hear from you.

Jim & Cheryl

Monday, July 16, 2012

GAiN Mission Team Finishes Strong

The Hempfield team left Saturday after a wonderful week of ministry. The reports are coming to us that they are had life-changing experiences. We are grateful for their time in Haiti.

The team from Crossroads Fellowship is going home tomorrow morning. And they had a wonderful last day. They spent the morning assisting the NVM staff at the English camp. This camp is in it’s third and final week. The team has had a strong impact on these young Haitian students.


And the team ended with a bang. They went with us to Onaville to conduct a vision clinic. It was a busy day! We saw 154 people in the clinic and 29 of them prayed to ask Jesus into their lives for the first time.  What a finish. They worked very hard today and we are so grateful.


This was a special team at NVM for another reason. Crossroads Fellowship is the home church of our very own intern Jordan Piper. Jordan has been with us for 6 months and he is going home with the team tomorrow. We all think the world of Jordan and he has done a wonderful service here in Haiti. He is loved by all. We will miss him but know that he is committed to following the Lord’s direction in his life. He will be attending Liberty University this fall.


We have had a great 10 days with these two GAiN teams. Please pray with us that God will continue to work in each of their lives and will multiple the work they have done here in Haiti.

Jim & Cheryl

Friday, July 13, 2012

Kids Learning English in Haiti

This week we have two youth groups on the NVM compound. One from Crossroads Fellowship in NC and the other from Hempfield United Methodist in PA. And while their time here is drawing to a close they are finishing strong.

Both teams have been helping with a 3-week English camp for Haitian kids. And yesterday both teams were on board at the camp. They were helping with the classes and conducting one-on-one conversations with the kids. The kids are also learning about the difference Jesus can make in their lives. The camp is having a tremendous impact on their lives.


As always we thank you for your prayers. The lives of Haitians are being changed as well as the lives of the teams.

Jim & Cheryl

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hempfield Youth Team Conducts Vision Clinic in Haiti

On Wednesday afternoon we took the youth from Hempfield United Methodist to Onaville to conduct a vision clinic. We had a great few hours. We arrived about an hour late due to some logistical issues. But we we greeted by 75 people waiting to get their vision checked. Over the next few hours the team checked the vision of 99 people from the community. The majority of them needed glasses. And we also shared the gospel with everyone. And praise God, 29 of them prayed to receive Jesus into their lives for the very first time. Each one of them will be followed up by the church. We are so grateful. Here are the sights.


Thanks again for your prayers. Today (Thursday) the English camp continues as well as work projects on the NVM compound. We will report.

Jim & Cheryl