Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Haiti Ministry Continues

Greetings to you all. We are sorry for not blogging recently.  As we have shared in our last newsletter we are in a time of exciting transition. We have spent 12 years on the staff of CRU. And for the last 3 years we have lived in Haiti. We are now back in Dallas and transitioning to a new organization, but we are still helping and working in Haiti!

Global Training Network is an organization dedicated to training pastors and their wives overseas. In our new roles I will be following my passion of training pastors in Haiti and all over the world and Cheryl will be able to continuing her ministry with the Haitian ladies. We will be sharing more about our new work in the weeks to come.

Here is an update on Cheryl's work in Haiti.  In May we made our first return trip to Haiti. It was great to see everyone! And it was a great encouragement to Cheryl that her work is continuing and is in full swing.  Even the guards at the NVM gate we excited to see us.

Reunited with a great friend
As you may remember, during our 3 years in Haiti Cheryl started and led a ministry to Haitian ladies teaching them craft skills so they can earn an income. She also greatly expanded and ran the Project Hope Gift Shop on the compound of NVM. Just before we left, Tina and Brian Bergen arrived at NVM. While Brian's job is to lead project teams and run the agriculture project, Tina focuses her attention at taking over Cheryl's ministry with the ladies and gift shop. And she has done an amazing job!

Cheryl's workshop is in full swing
The ladies continue to make baskets in Onaville
The gift shop looks great and is doing a thriving business. Cheryl is so pleased to see that all of the classes with the ladies are continuing and that the gift shop is thriving. And during our visit, Cheryl introduced a new craft. To date, most of the craft business centered around hand rolled cardboard beaded jewelry and woven baskets. The new craft is making jewelry out of clay beads that are crafted and baked.  The results are stunning and the ladies now have a new option for making a living.  Watch for them in the gift shop next time you are in Haiti - or email Cheryl and she will send you one - they are only $5.00

Learning the new skill of making clay beads
Please pray for this ongoing ministry. We will continue to make return trips to Haiti every 4 months. Cheryl will be bringing in raw materials and returning with finished product. She will also be working to expand the sale of these items in the United States. It is having a tremendous impact on so many families in Haiti. And thank you for your prayers and support. You all are a huge encouragement to us both.

Serving on your behalf,
Jim & Cheryl

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Great progress in Haiti

People often ask us if we see progress happening in Haiti. And the answer is yes! Over the past three years we have seen damage cleared, buildings constructed, ministries growing, roads improved, and lives changed. We should all be encouraged.

Here is a quick glimpse of two wonderful advances related to agriculture and housing.

A few months ago, Pastor Pierre decided that it would be a blessing if we built new homes in Chambrun. So he, along with his Haitian advisers, selected the first recipient. Those receiving new homes will be in families who will never be able to build a home on their own. And a group from Collin Creek Community Church in Dallas decided to fund and help build the first new home. We are grateful for their involvement. Below you will see a photo of the old home and the new one being built.

Another important ministry focus for NVM is agriculture. Our goal is to grow food for the ministry and to teach those in nearby communities how to grow food for their families. The soil around NVM is good for farming. Learning how to irrigate gardens is the key. Below you will see three photos. Pastor Pierre is happy about our new wood chipper. We can purchase sugarcane stocks for next to nothing. These stocks are shredded and used to blanket fields to hold in moisture. Also pictured is the new garden planted that is growing in the children's home compound. And finally, a test site modeling a proposed manual irrigation system. Water is poured in the bucket twice daily and water is distributed to the plants through soaker lines. It's cheap and it works.

God is working in Haiti. We want to keep you posted about what he is doing and the impact it is having on the lives of Haitians. We will continue to bring you news from the compound of NVM in Haiti.

Serving on your behalf,
Jim & Cheryl Warner

Friday, February 21, 2014

Progress at NVM!!

For some time we have been considering the possibility of building homes for people in need in the nearby community of Chambrun. As we have reported before this is a very poor community of 4000 located just 1/2 mile from NVM. Recently the decision was made to start these projects. The homes are being provided to those with the greatest need. Here are some photos of the first home being constructed.
Mixing the cement 
Laying the blocks
The walls are finished
The home will be completed soon. All the is left is to put on the roof! We are so grateful for the team from Dallas who funded and came to help construct this home.

We have also been dreaming for some time about growing crops on our compound. After a few test plots NVM has expanded the faming effort. There is a large demand for watermelons in Haiti. So that is what is growing in our field. Here is a shot of the field where the planting was just completed.
Our watermelon patch
Brian Bergen is managing this process. He also has planted a 1/2-acre garden behind the staff apartments where vegetables will be grown. More photos will be forthcoming as the crops develop.

We are so grateful for the progress being made. God is good and we are moving forward in faith based on his faithfulness.

With news from Haiti,
Jim & Cheryl Warner

Monday, February 17, 2014

A New Church Building in Onaville

Onaville is the largest displacement camp in Haiti. And just over two years ago, NVM planted a church in this community. The congregation quickly grew to over 500 and the church has been thriving ever since. Through the generosity of donors in the US a new church building was funded and now has been built. And just a week ago the doors were opened. What a joyful time for this new body of believers. A team of 30 construction professionals came down to Haiti and built the church in one week. Thanks to all of you. Here is the fruit of their labor.

The new building!
The church interior during construction
Inside the church, fans included!!
We are thankful for this team of construction professionals
It is so good to see progress in Haiti. And we are especially grateful to the Lord for his blessing in expanding his kingdom in this country. We will keep you posted on the growth of the Onaville church in the months to come.

Jim & Cheryl Warner

Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Maine Team Goes Off Campus

The team's activities today took them off the NVM compound. We loaded up the vehicles and headed for Onaville. As we have reported before, Onaville is the largest displacement camp in Haiti. However, it is quickly becoming a permanent community. It is good to see progress. The purpose of our trip to Onaville was to work with the Haitian ladies who are producing crafts and to conduct a special event for 30 ladies from the church there. It was a great success. The men came along to see the ministry and what the ladies were doing. Gami Ortiz came along to give them a short talk about the Onaville community and ministry. And while the sessions with the women began, the men took a long walk up the mountainside. Here are some of the sites.

Gami giving his talk
The men hiking up the mountainside
Some of the ladies bought baskets from specific Haitian women
Babies are hard to resist
Buying the specific baskets helped build relationships and prayer partners
Handing out supplies for the next batch of baskets
Snacks were served!
Cheryl gave a powerful devotional on putting hurts behind us
The second session was a sewing event for ladies in the Onaville church 
Our translator and friend Regine models the sewing project
The team ladies helped guide the sewing process 
The ladies did a tremendous job on their projects 
Hard at work 
A helping hand 
Sewing away
You have to love those drinking glasses 
Proud of their finished projects 
Pat gave a devotional to this group
They are so grateful for what Cheryl has done
Cheryl's ministry to these ladies has made a tremendous difference in their lives and they are very grateful. The last line of the sign above is true. They really do love Cheryl. And the feeling is mutual. It will be hard for her to leave these dear ladies. But they are in good hands as Tina Bergen assumes the leadership of this ministry. We are so grateful for what God has done and will continue to do to help support these families and to build a sense of self-worth. And we thank the mission team ladies who were a big help today.

The team has a day off tomorrow and will complete their work week on Saturday. Please be praying that God will work through them and speak into their lives.

Serving on your behalf in Haiti,
Jim & Cheryl Warner

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Maine Mission Team Keeps Rolling On

It is hard to believe but Wednesday is drawing to a close. The weeks go by so quickly when teams are at NVM. And today was a good day and I have included lots of photos!

First the men. They completed their woodworking projects and one of them is shown below. For some time people have asked us to post a map of Haiti. So the men built a nice frame and hung it in the dining hall. They also replanted some watermelon seedlings in a garden in the children's home. Mid afternoon they joined the ladies for the special time with a group of Haitian women. More on that later.

The ladies continued work counting and repackaging medications. There also did some baking to produce goodies for the afternoon session.

Then at 3 pm they hosted an event for a group of special Haitian ladies. Cheryl gave a great devotional, the ladies created a cellphone holder and played a rousing game of bingo. Fun was had by all. And given that we are moving back to Dallas soon, it was hard to say good bye. These ladies are indeed special to Cheryl. In the first photo you see Deanne Pierre, one of the Haitian church leaders, Cheryl and Tina. Tina will be taking over Cheryl's responsibilities when we leave.

And while most of the team members are from Maine, there are two couples hailing from someplace else. Pat and Joe live in Pennsylvania and David and Louanne live in Minnesota. We have been ministering with Pat and Joe for many years. And Jim worked with David to ten years prior to joining CRU.

Joe and Pat
David and Louanne
David made an interesting and encouraging comment to me this afternoon. He noticed that our ministry at NVM is based on close personal relationships. He is exactly correct. Both of us have dear friends here and it has been a privilege to ministry alongside so many wonderful people.

God was good today. Much was accomplished and hearts were touched. Thanks for your prayers and we will check in with you again tomorrow.

Serving on your behalf in Haiti,
Jim & Cheryl Warner