Monday, May 14, 2012

Beads, Beads, Glorious Beads - Donated to NVM through GAIN from Liz Manfredini

If you have been reading our blog you are aware that Cheryl has been teaching Haitian ladies jewelry making skills. The ladies are making beaded jewelry and baskets, and selling them at the Hope Gift Shop here on the mission team compound. These sales help to financially provide for their families! And supplies are required to keep this process moving forward. Well, we recently received a tremendous blessing!


A short time ago we lost a dear sister. Her name is Liz Manfredini. And Liz was a “beader.” She has now gone to be with the Lord. But before she left us, she told her husband Joe she wanted her beads donated to Haiti. ALL 400 POUNDS OF HER BEADS!! It goes without saying that this donation is a huge blessing to the ladies here in Haiti and will fuel their jewelry making efforts for a long time. 400 pounds is a lot of beads! And they are starting to make their way down here to Haiti – one suitcase at a time!



We are so grateful that God led Liz to make this donation. Countless families will be helped financially through the sale of beautiful jewelry made from the beads Liz and Joe have donated. We want to offer up our heartfelt thanks for this gift and we pray that it will be multiplied in the years to come. God is good. Even in life’s most difficult circumstances.