Monday, June 25, 2012

Come to Haiti, Ride a Donkey, Support a Ministry

Just this week we bought a donkey and it’s name is Pepi. And we want to invite you to come to Haiti to ride our new donkey.


For just $5 you can ride Pepi! The proceeds will be use to fund our new ministry in Onaville. This is the largest displacement camp in Haiti. 230,000 are living in tents and tin shacks. Since the earthquake in 2010, NVM has been ministering to the people of Onaville. We have been sending medical and vision clinics and distributing badly needed supplies. In December we planted a church in Onaville and already there are 450 attending every Sunday. Your $5 donkey ride will help fund this great new ministry.


Watch this very brief video to check out Pepi in action!

Ride Pepi and support the Onaville church plant!!

So come on down and ride Pepi. Prayerfully consider joining a GAiN or NVM mission trip. It will be an experience that will change you. Click on one of the links below for more information. Your donkey ride will help fund a wonderful new ministry. See you soon. Pepi is waiting!!

Jim and Cheryl

Friday, June 22, 2012

GAiN Haiti Mission Team–Final Day!

We have had a great week and the GAiN Haiti mission team finished strong. In the morning we conducted our third and final water filter distribution in Onaville. You may remember from previous posts that Onaville is the largest displacement camp in Haiti. 230,000 moved to Onaville after the 2010 earthquake and live in tents or small tin structures. On this day 30 more families were blessed with clean water and heard about the Good News of Jesus Christ.


In the afternoon we took the team to the nearby community of Chambrun. 1/2 mile down the road is a community of 5000 people who are very poor. They live in mud and stick homes with dirt floors. But the team was impressed with their joy and positive spirit. We had a wonderful time playing with the kids and were truly blessed.


Here is a very short video giving you a better glimpse into Chambrun and the joy of the children.

Thank you for tracking with our team this week and for your prayers. God did wonderful things in those we met with and wonderful things in the team members, as well.

Our next team comes here in July. We will keep you posted about their experiences and about other things happening at NVM in Haiti.

Jim and Cheryl

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

GAiN Haiti Mission Team–Wednesday

Well, the week is moving along quickly with only one more day of ministry to go. They have been a tremendous group.

Today was our day off. We took a drive up the coast to see the sights and hear the sounds. We even did a little swimming when we got there. It was a great and eye-opening day.


Tomorrow is the team’s final day in Haiti. We return to Onaville to distribute water filter systems and help Cheryl with the basket-making class. We then return to the NVM compound to do a work project and finally walk to Chambrun to visit and play with the kids. Keep us all in your prayers.  More tomorrow.

Jim & Cheryl

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

GAiN Haiti Mission Team–Tuesday

The week is well under way here in Haiti. The GAiN team from Collin Creek Community Church is doing a great job! We continued our work in Onaville distributing water filter systems. The bus ride was tight. We were short a vehicle so we rode to Onaville with the mobile medical team. It was a cozy ride!


After arriving and setting up we got the show on the road. We once again had a great group from the community. We distributed 30 filter systems again today.


After Jim gave his brief introduction members of the team did portions of the presentation. Jeremy, along with his lovely assistant Morgan, explained the danger of germs and the importance of keeping hands, food and water clean. Mark followed with a thorough demonstration of the water filter systems. He was assisted by his daughter Molly. Each person then practiced using and cleaning their systems.


After the practice session we moved into the section on having clean hearts. We used fun magic tricks to get our points across. Nate and Wes did their tricks splendidly. They wanted people to know that God can use them no matter who they are and that God is seeking them.


Pastor Aaron finished things up with a presentation of the gospel. Today 4 people indicated they had received Christ into their lives for the very first time. We are praising God.


After returning to the NVM compound, the team completed their work on the new school kitchen and helped with landscaping in the new prayer garden.


Please continue praying for this team. We have a day off tomorrow and then the team completes their work on Thursday. We will continue to keep you posted.

Jim and Cheryl

Monday, June 18, 2012

GAiN Haiti Mission Team–Monday

The GAiN Haiti mission team started their work week distributing 30 water filters in Onaville. This is the largest displacement camp in the country. 230,000 people live in tents and shacks after being driven from their homes by the 2010 earthquake. The team was a real blessing. They also gave presentations on hygiene, how to use the water filter systems and presented the gospel. It was a great morning.


After lunch the team was back on the NVM compound where they were involved in a variety of work projects. We are grateful for their willingness to get involved where needed.


Here is a short video to give you a better glimpse of our day.

Thanks for your prayers. They are what make things happen for God’s Kingdom. We will continue to keep you posted.

Jim and Cheryl

Sunday, June 17, 2012

GAiN Haiti team has a great Sunday

The GAiN Haiti mission team from Collin Creek Community Church in Dallas, Texas had a great Sunday. In the morning they had the chance to worship at Nehemiah Vision Chapel where they experienced a wonderful 3-hour worship and teaching service.


In the afternoon they were able to play games with some of the children and youth from the nearby community of Chambrun. Basketball, soccer and Frisbee were all on the agenda. They had a great time.


Check out this very brief video to get a better glimpse of the day.

Tomorrow the team conducts their first water filter distribution in Onaville.  We will report in tomorrow evening on how the day went.  Please be in prayer for the team and for those to whom we minister.

Jim and Cheryl