Monday, December 19, 2011

NVM Distributes GAiN School Supplies

NVM has a major partnership with Global Aid Network (GAiN) which is located in Plano, Texas.  Jim and Cheryl Warner serve on the GAiN staff and are on loan to NVM for one year. NVM has a school on the compound that serves nearly 400 young people from Chambrun and other nearby communities.

One of the continual needs for these children is school supplies. Today the Warner’s along with other NVM staff distributed a bag of school supplies to each student along with a big Merry Christmas.  They were all very excited to receive this Christmas gift.

Please be praying for each of these young people. They are receiving a great education and some of them may even be future leaders in Haiti. Leadership in all sectors of Haiti is a tremendous need. And these children could make a difference in making Haiti a more successful country and a better place to live!


Friday, December 16, 2011

The NVM Christmas Party–Ho Ho Ho!!!

On Thursday afternoon we invited the entire staff of NVM to the annual Christmas party. It was a great time. With nearly 100 in attendance we had great food, singing, sharing, gifts and a few rousing rounds of Christmas Bingo. That was a huge hit.

But it was also a time to say thank you to the NVM staff who work so hard throughout the year. We wanted to provide them with a great night to show our deep appreciation for all they do 365 days each year.

Santa even showed up to distribute gifts, to have his picture taken with all the boys and girls (some quite old!) and to bring merriment to our evening.  We wanted to let you have a peek into our joyful evening. Merry Christmas to you all!


Thursday, December 15, 2011

NVM’s new office building is dedicated

In the past, the operation of the NVM ministry was conducted out of 3 small offices. Today we officially moved into our new office building! Construction of this building started only 6 months ago which is very quick by Haiti standards. Pastor Pierre has made the quick completion of the new office building a high priority.  We will now operate out of a 3500 square foot building. A wonderful new phone system was donated and internet access is better than ever. Many thanks to Steve and Jake.

During the celebration today we started outside with a time of prayer and ribbon cutting. We then moved inside for a short praise service and a few words or encouragement from Pastor Pierre.  Those involved in the construction and opening of the building were recognized. We then let the staff tour the building and provided them with food and drinks.  It was a grand time for everyone!

We are very grateful for this new facility. God is good and the building will be used for his glory and to expand his kingdom in this part of Haiti.  Come down and take a tour sometime soon!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Young Teenage Girls Graduate from Sewing Class

Over the past 10 weeks, Cheryl has been working with a group of young teenagers teaching them to sew. An important part of the program was mentoring the girls and teaching them about purity and being filled with God’s Spirit. Cheryl has come to love these young ladies and has had a tremendous impact on their lives.  This past Sunday, the church took some time during the morning service to recognize these young girls as they have successfully completed the course. They each received a laminated certificate and a small gift.  Please be praying for these girls that they can use their new craft to help make a living and have hope for a future and that they will be committed to following Christ with their lives.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Introducing Jolina Desir

We want to tell you about an exceptional young lady. Her name is Jolina Desir. Jolina is 23 years old and lives in the community of Chambrun just a 1/2 mile from the NVM compound. She is one of the most cheerful people we know in Haiti. Jolina is actively working on her English and is currently in Jim's ESL class. She is learning quickly! Like many others in in Chambrun, she only has a 6th grade level of education.

Jolina was born in this community and has lived there her entire life. In fact, she has only ventured out of the immediate area once. Port-au-Prince is only 15 miles from her home and she has only been there on one occasion. That was this summer when Pastor Pierre took a group of young people on a tour of the city and to his home for Cheryl’s birthday party.

Jolina lives with her mother, two brothers and two sisters. Her father was killed by robbers when she was only 12. So at her young age she is actively involved in caring for and supporting her family. Jolina is employed by NVM and serves as one of the staff cooks. She earns approximately $50.00 per month. She prepares meals for the Haitian staff, the US staff and for the mission teams who are visiting the compound. She has also gone through the jewelry making class taught by Cheryl and is doing very well making and selling beaded jewelry. She uses the income from these two opportunities to support her entire family. She also raises pigeons and goats so her family can eat the pigeon eggs and the pigeon and goat meat. Jolina receives Global Aid Network’s donations of rice and beans often which is a blessing for her, as it helps to supplement her need to buy food for her family. She says she knows God is watching over her family when she receives extra help. DSC01952100_3225

Jolina accepted Jesus into her life when she was a young teen. Since then she has become a leader in the NVM church. She works with the youth, and helps with communion and offering in the church. She has come so far in her leadership abilities over the past two years. Currently her other family members are not Christians so we are praying with her for their salvation. Jolina just recently gave her testimony for the very first time to a group of ladies in the beading class. This was a great step of faith for her.
It has been a joy getting to know Jolina. We ask you to pray for her and her family. Pray that God uses her in a great way and that her family comes to know the Lord through her walk with Him.
Jim, Cheryl and the Girls