Friday, October 28, 2011

Our final day of ministry

The GAiN mission team to Haiti has just completed their final day of ministry. It is hard to believe that the week has passed.  It was a great day and here it is in pictures.
We conducted our fourth vision clinic but this time it was on the NVM compound.  We served 79 patients and had 7 of them pray to receive Christ.  The number of conversions was lower today because many of them attend the NVM church. But it was wonderful to serve them. The total number of patients for the week was 333 and we had the privilege of leading 110 of them to Christ.
At 3 pm every Friday, Cheryl teaches a group of young Haitian women how to sew. The mission team members helped her out today. Many hands makes more personal attention.
During the day, our three mission team men took on a special project. They decided to build Adam a new work bench in the warehouse. This will be a huge blessing.
Before the sewing class we took the team to Chambrun. This is the poor community about a 1/2 mile from the NVM compound.  They wanted to visit the NVM children’s home and take a brief tour of the community. We had a great time and the sights and sounds were eye opening.
We ended our ministry day cooking supper. The team volunteered to cook chili and pineapple cake. It was fantastic and a lot of fun in the kitchen.
We had a wonderful week with this team. We want to thank each one of them for coming to Haiti and for their humble and diligent service. And a special thanks to those of you who have been praying for our mission in Haiti.  We really do appreciate it! We pray that the team will have a good trip home tomorrow and that the memories of this week will linger long and will fundamentally change them and their future ministry.
Blessings on you all,
Jim, Cheryl and the Girls

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thursday in Haiti

The GAiN mission team just completed Thursday in Haiti. We spent our third and final day in Onaville conducting another vision clinic. And we had a wonderful day.  We saw 104 patients and 39 of them prayed to received Jesus into their lives. That brings our total to 254 patients and 103 new believers! And when we returned to the NVM compound, the team went right to work sorting clothes for our thrift shop and continuing work on building bunk beds. They are a great and hard working team.
Tomorrow is our final ministry day and we spend it on the NVM compound. We will conduct a vision clinic and do projects on campus.
Below you see a photo taken of Onaville from our tent. There are over 200,000 displaced people living on the hillside. The second photo is a picture of hope. unicef has been building small permanent houses. There are now a large number of these homes in Onaville and more are being added each month  Each home even comes with a small area to grow a garden! And finally we have included two photos of young people who came to the clinic today.  We have people of all ages coming to the clinics but is it rewarding to help the young who are having trouble seeing.
Thanks again for your prayers. We will report in tomorrow after our final day of ministry.
Jim, Cheryl and the Girls

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

GAiN Mission Team in Haiti Hits Midweek

The GAiN mission team in Haiti conducted it’s fourth day of ministry. Today (Wednesday) we returned to Onaville to conduct another vision clinic.  You might remember that Onaville is the largest displacement camp near Port-au-Prince. We had a wonderful day of ministry and God touched many lives. We saw 74 patients and an amazing 36 of them prayed to received Christ for the first time.  Here are the pictures.
The three men on the mission team stayed on the NVM compound to construct benches.  And these are special benches.  The site where we are conducting the vision clinics will soon become a church. In fact, they are already conducting Bible studies there. Some of the Jesus Film men will pastor the church.  The benches being built are going to be used in the Onaville church. So it all fits together nicely!  And the men are doing a wonderful job.  Here are the pictures.
Yesterday we reported about the graduation ceremony for the class Cheryl has been conducting teaching women how to make rolled beaded jewelry.  This new skill will help these dear women support their families. It was a great time and the ladies seemed to be blessed. Here are the pictures.
We are well aware that our ministry on the field is successful because you are praying and God is acting.  We appreciate so very much your prayers and support. Please continue to pray as we have two more vision clinics. Tomorrow we will be back in Onaville and Friday we will be on the NVM compound.  We will report in again.
Jim, Cheryl and the Girls

Monday, October 24, 2011

GAiN Mission Team–The First Two Days

Greetings from Haiti. The GAiN mission team arrived on Saturday and we have had a wonderful start to the week.

On Sunday the team worshipped at the church on the NVM compound. It was an uplifting experience and a blessing to worship together with the dear folks from Chambrun. And as usual, Pastor Pierre called us up to greet the church, introduce the team and “sing a song.”  Here we are in action.


After church the we had arranged for the team to serve lunch to the entire congregation.  We ordered lunch for 700 and everything was gone. They really appreciate the meal and it was a blessing to serve them.


After a time of training on Sunday evening, we left for Onaville this morning (Monday) to conduct our first vision clinic.  Onaville is an IDP camp where over 200,000 people live in temporary housing after the earthquake. NVM is about to plant a church in the community and are using teams to minister to the people there until the church is started. On our first day we saw 76 patients and 28 prayed to receive Christ. It was a blessing and an encouragement to see God work in this way.


Here you see Jim standing with Excellent. Yes, that is her name.  We had the chance to tell her what her name means in English. She smiled. After the photo was taken Cheryl talked with her to find out her story. She lost 8 family members in the earthquake and she and two sons survived. She was already a Christian and we provided her with both reading and distance glasses.

We once again want to thank you for your prayers. Continue praying this week that God will continue to use our team for his glory.

Jim, Cheryl and the Girls

Sunday, October 23, 2011

GAiN Mission Team has arrived in Haiti

Hello everyone.  We want you all to know that the October GAiN mission team has arrived in Haiti and we had a great day.  They are a small but mighty team of 11. However, my camera got locked in an office tonight so I have no photos. I will retrieve the camera and be more visual tomorrow.

Today the team worshipped in the church on the NVM campus and had a wonderful experience.  We then provided lunch to the entire congregation. It was a true blessing to serve them in this way.

After lunch we took the team and the other NVM US staff to a Haitian art festival. It was great fun and most everyone found something special to purchase.

Tonight we had a team meeting and did our training for the vision clinics which start tomorrow.  We will keep you posted.

Thanks for your prayers this week.  We are involved in Kingdom expanding activity and there is always spiritual warfare raging around us.  Your prayers make the difference.  More tomorrow.

Jim, Cheryl and the Girls

Monday, October 17, 2011

Warner Update from Haiti

Hello everyone. So much has happened over the past few weeks.  Here is a quick update. Please continue to pray for us and the ministry of Nehemiah Vision Ministries (NVM).

Cheryl is in Texas visiting our two daughters who life there. She comes back later this week.  We miss her. Please pray she has a good week and safe trip back to Haiti.

We had great teams from Grace Church and Eastpointe who conducted medical clinics in nearby displacement camps.  They saw around 150 patients each day reaching out with both medical and spiritual attention.  We are so grateful for their service.


Pastor Jim Butler lead a team from Eastpointe who conducted a pastor’s conference with 35 local pastors. the topic was how to interpret the Bible. Pastor Pierre and Jim will be continuing working with local pastors in the months to come.  We are very excited about this opportunity.

Cheryl continues to work with local women teaching them life skills and providing spiritual insight.  She is just finishing a bead making course with 30 women. We are been selling the beaded jewelry to mission teams and a number of orders have been filled taking the jewelry back to the US.  This is very exciting. Cheryl is also teaching a sewing class to young teenagers.  She continues to speak truth into these young lives. Pray that this input makes a huge difference. In the first photo you see Cheryl with Deane Pierre, the pastor’s wife. They have become good friends and ministry partners.


And construction continues on the NVM compound.  The roof is now complete on the new hospital,  The roof has been poured on the new office building and work on the children’s home is continuing quickly. It is amazing to see how they pour concrete ceilings on these buildings. These new structures will advance the work we are doing.




Here is the hospital with the completed metal roof



The latest shots of the new office building with the newly “poured” concrete roof!


The roofs of the two children’s home buildings will soon be “poured!”


And Jim continue to teach ESL to 25 Haitians.  They are working hard and doing well.

Thanks again for all your prayers and support. We could not do this without you. Blessings on you all,

Jim, Cheryl and the girls