Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Great progress in Haiti

People often ask us if we see progress happening in Haiti. And the answer is yes! Over the past three years we have seen damage cleared, buildings constructed, ministries growing, roads improved, and lives changed. We should all be encouraged.

Here is a quick glimpse of two wonderful advances related to agriculture and housing.

A few months ago, Pastor Pierre decided that it would be a blessing if we built new homes in Chambrun. So he, along with his Haitian advisers, selected the first recipient. Those receiving new homes will be in families who will never be able to build a home on their own. And a group from Collin Creek Community Church in Dallas decided to fund and help build the first new home. We are grateful for their involvement. Below you will see a photo of the old home and the new one being built.

Another important ministry focus for NVM is agriculture. Our goal is to grow food for the ministry and to teach those in nearby communities how to grow food for their families. The soil around NVM is good for farming. Learning how to irrigate gardens is the key. Below you will see three photos. Pastor Pierre is happy about our new wood chipper. We can purchase sugarcane stocks for next to nothing. These stocks are shredded and used to blanket fields to hold in moisture. Also pictured is the new garden planted that is growing in the children's home compound. And finally, a test site modeling a proposed manual irrigation system. Water is poured in the bucket twice daily and water is distributed to the plants through soaker lines. It's cheap and it works.

God is working in Haiti. We want to keep you posted about what he is doing and the impact it is having on the lives of Haitians. We will continue to bring you news from the compound of NVM in Haiti.

Serving on your behalf,
Jim & Cheryl Warner

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